Emergency Compact Water Purification System Z

More thoroughly cleans water that has been cleaned using a water filter by eliminating impurities such as ionized radioactive material.
A water purification system specialized for water filters that makes you feel safe again with your water.

Thoroughly removes ionized material that a water purifier can't even get rid of.

Radioactive material which has dissolved in the water cannot be removed with a normal water purifier.
This is where the Z MEISUI water purification system comes in and removes ionized materials dissolved in the water such as cesium, iodine, calcium, magnesium using an ion exchange resin filter. It also properly removes both cation and anion.

It is convenient to use even when there is not an emergency.

In addition to water for tea, broth, milk formula and soup stock, it is also excellent as distilled water for cosmetic facial steamers and humidifiers.
*Please don't use for stews or dishes where the flavor components of the ingredients can dissolve easily.

A compact model that can be used at home.

The Z MEISUI water purification system is a compact design that can even be used on tabletops in your home. Easy to use without worrying where to place it even when there is an emergency.

Hard case
Special cartridge
(inside storage bag)

(includes reagent used for checking when it's time to replace cartridges)

Please use after filtering tap water through a water purifier.

  • ● Please use this product in emergencies such as removing radioactive material from tap water.
  • ● The filtered water for this product is distilled water. Please do not drink this water directly as its antibacterial properties will have been removed. Please be sure to boil the water when using for drinking as well as for milk formula, tea and cooking.
  • ● The filtration materials will begin to oxidize after opening so please use within 3 months.
  • ● Please be sure to use properly after reading the user's manual.

A hard case (stand) made with ease of use in mind

The hard resin case has been designed so that it is easy to use. The openings at the top and bottom are wide thanks to its drum shape, making it easy to pour filtered water from the top and the bottom makes it convenient to use containers without a specified size, giving it an easy-to-use design.

A water purification cartridge specialized to remove ionized materials

It uses incredibly high quality ion exchange resin. It completely removes both cations and anion ionized materials which cannot be removed by water purifiers.

Ion exchange resin (enlarged image)

A specialized cap to keep the water purification system cartridge clean

The hard case (stand) has special caps for both the top and bottom. Please use the caps and store in a clean place that is cool and dark when not in use.



Model Z
Filtration Flow Rate 0.4 L/minute
Filter Materials Non-woven fabric, cation exchange resin, anion exchange resin
Unit & Cartridge Materials ABS resin
Water Intake Capacity * 80 L
Maximum Operating Temperature 35℃
Weight (when full) 0.7 kg (0.8 kg)
Storage Period 24 months (unopened) or 3 months (after opened)
Size (mm) 140 diameter × 221 height
  • * Water intake capacity refers to the amount of water that can be taken in using raw water with an electrical conductivity level of 150µS/cm and processed until the electrical conductivity drops below 1µs/cm.
  • * Product design and specifications are subject to change due to improvements or other reason without prior notice.

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Compact Water Purification System
Z Product Catalog

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What MEISUI Cares About

They remove impurities and odors found in the water and leave in the minerals that makes water delicious, providing you with safe and great tasting water. When it comes to built-in water purifiers, you can see what MEISUI cares about when you take a look at their ease of use for work recognized by even professionals and their filtration power.

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