nomot Type II Stationary Water Purifier

The 3 major points of our installation-free nomot!

Excellent filtration performance, giving you pure water.

Inside its small design you can find our unique filtration system which uses a triple-layered filter to purify your water down to the last drop.

Installation is easy with its compact design.

There is no need to do any installation work since its a stationary model with its filter cartridge integrated. Its spout rotates 360 degrees. making it convenient to use.

Can provide three types of water with its switch faucet.

Using its switch lever, you can switch between filtered water, tap water and spray (tap water) with one touch.

Thoroughly removes impurities with its three filtration layers

Using granular coconut shell activated carbon, special filter, hollow fiber membrane, this three-step filter removes odors and impurities while leaving minerals in.

Three Filter Layers

  • Tap Water

  • Granular Coconut ShellActivated Carbon

  • Special Filter

  • Hollow Fiber Membrane

  • Delicious Water

Granular Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Using incredibly high quality granular coconut shell activated carbon as a water absorbent, it physically absorbs odors organic chlorine compounds (such as trihalomethane, tetrachloroethylene), agricultural chemicals (CAT), and mold smells, allowing free residual chlorine to be powerfully removed by the reaction.

Hollow Fiber Membrane

Filters impurities up to 0.15 microns in size. In addition to iron rust, aluminum and turbidity, it also removes normal bacteria.

Examples of Attachable Faucets and Attaching Switch Faucetss

* The faucet model above can support attachments. All other models do not support attachments.

Faucets That Do Not Support Attachments

Faucets with short tips faucets with wide diameters
Faucets with caps
that cannot be removed
Faucets with sensors
Spray faucets

Price & Specifications


nomot Unit 21,780 yen (tax included)


Type Type II
Filtration Flow Rate 3.0 L/minute
Filter Materials Non-woven fabric, molded coconut shell activated carbon, ion exchange fiber, hollow fiber membrane
Filtration Power Free Residual Chlorine
(when 2.0 mg/L)
10,000 L
(80% removal rate)
(when turbidity is 2 degrees)
3,000 L
(50% filtration flow rate)
(when 0.100 mg/L)
3,000 L
(80% removal rate)
CAT (Simazine)
(when 0.0030 mg/L)
8,000 L
(80% removal rate)
Soluble lead
(when 0.050 mg/L)
3,000 L
(80% removal rate)
2-MIB (mold smell)
(when 0.00005 mg/L)
5,000 L
(80% removal rate)
(when 0.010 mg/L)
8,000 L
(80% removal rate)
(when 0.030 mg/L)
8,000 L
(80% removal rate)
(when 0.060 mg/L)
3,000 L
(80% removal rate)
(when 0.030 mg/L)
5,000 L
(80% removal rate)
(when 0.100 mg/L)
5,000 L
(80% removal rate)
(when 0.090 mg/L)
5,000 L
(80% removal rate)
Operating Water Pressure 0.1 to 0.35 MPa (1.0 to 3.6 kgf/cm2)
Hydrostatic Test Pressure Operating Water Pressure: 0.35 MPa (3.6 kgf/cm2) per minute
Weight (when full) 0.6 kg (1.1 kg)
Maximum Operating Temperature 35℃
Filter Material Usable Life *1 2,400 L or within 12 months (When using 6 L a day)
Size (mm) 110 diameter (unit case) × 264 height (including spout pipe)
  • * Filtration power is a test result calculated using JIS S 3201 -household water purifier testing methods.
  • * Hard water cannot be changed into soft water.
  • * Please use only for tap water which contains 0.1 mg/L or more of free residual chlorine.
  • * Product design and specifications are subject to change due to improvements or other reason without prior notice.

  1. *1 Short materials with filtration power have been compiled together as a standard.

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Type II Stationary Water Purifier
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