What MEISUI Cares About

When it comes to built-in water purifiers, you can see what MEISUI cares about when you take a look at their ease of use for work recognized by even professionals and their filtration power. The usability of water lies in its adequate flow capacity.
Even household water purifiers provide easily accessible delicious water with their adequate flow capacity and filtration power.

Water Purifiers That Are Particular About Delicious Water

For example, adequate flow capacity such as 12 to 15 liters per minute for showers, and 8 to 10 liters for dish washing sinks is something that defines water as being easy to use. We have a wide range of sizes available within our commercial water purifiers to accommodate the requests from food preparation professionals.
Our normal household water purifiers provide you with safe, delicious and accessible water with their ample flow capacity and filtration power, great for washing rice, adding water to pots, washing vegetables and filling cups.

Water purifiers are considered consumable goods so once they exceed their usage limit, not only will their functionality decrease, cleanliness will also become a concern so they need to be regularly replaced. For that reason, we have developed the MEISUI Maintenance System (MMS) for our water purifiers, which aims to make you feel safe and secure.
In order to provide you with delicious water that is safe and makes you feel secure, we provide information regarding when to replace your water purifiers as well as replacements and inspections for both commercial and household water purifiers which are carried out by our customer support through MMS.

In MEISUI, used cartridges collected following replacement are recycled in our factories. From manufacturing to sales, maintenance, collection and recycling, MEISUI takes cares care of it all.

Makes water that is both safe and
delicious using 3 filtration materials!

MEISUI uses its knowledge of filtration power and superior durable design accumulated working with commercial water purifiers and applies it to its household water purifiers. Due to the water slowly passing through the filter materials, they remove impurities and odors found in the water and leave in the minerals that makes water delicious, providing you with safe and great tasting water.

Granular Coconut Shell
Activated Carbon

Using incredibly high quality granular coconut shell activated carbon as a water absorbent, it physically absorbs* odors organic chlorine compounds (such as trihalomethane, tetrachloroethylene), agricultural chemicals (CAT), and mold smells, allowing free residual chlorine to be powerfully removed by the reaction.

* Countless tiny holes have strong absorption power.

Special Fibrous
Activated Carbon

Fibrous activated carbon which has been combined with ion exchange resin simultaneously assists the granular coconut shell activated carbon filter when it absorbs soluble lead. It enhances filtration power.

Hollow Fiber Membrane

A hollow fiber membrane is composed of fiber which has a hollow center like a straw, and its surface is covered in countless tiny holes like a sponge. In addition to impurities larger than 0.15 microns, iron rust, aluminum and turbidity, these holes also remove ordinary bacteria.

Stainless Metal Tube

By using stainless steel on the piping, it possesses superior durability and prevents the extraction of rust and organic materials making it clean.

* In the case of M series