ROCAS® Tabletop Genuine Water Purifier

Water purifiers can now
be free away from the kitchen.

Enjoy delicious water wherever you like.
Have it start off your day. Use for just a cup of water to your daily cooking.
You can use freshly purified, delicious water without the waste.
ROCAS, the water purifier you can move.
Delicious water is always there for you in your life.

Let ROCAS be there in every part of your life.

When relaxingWarm

If you pour some into a kettle and use it for hot drinks like coffee and tea, your afternoon tea time will taste even better.

When you have guestsChill

Filling a pitcher with ice and water makes eat easy to serve chilled, delicious water. No need to fret even for those sudden visits.

Good for the bodyNormal

It's perfect even just as normal water for your body when you need to take medication or supplements. It's also great for starting off a healthy morning when you wake up.

When you care about flavorCooking

It's just the right thing to bring out the flavors in your ingredients for rice, pasta and soups. You can use it for cooking in even places away from the kitchen.

For beautiful daysOutdoors

Excellent for home parties held in your backyard or terrace.

ROCAS is even simple and easy to use.

You can remove the reserve bottle from the unit and fill it directly from the tap or even fill it using a pitcher.
* Please use tap water only.

You can pour water with just a push of a switch.

Installed with an ambient light function that creates a soothing space.

The bottom of the reserve bottle has an LED installed which can light up in various colors.
The sleek and colorful lighting fills the room with soothing colors.

You can change the LED with just a press of a button found on the back of the base.

MEISUI's unique three layer filter system makes Japan's tap water clean.

Three Filter Layers

  • Tap Water

  • Special FibrousActivated Carbon

  • Antibacterial Granular Coconut ShellActivated Carbon

  • Hollow Fiber Membrane

  • Delicious Water

1. Special Fibrous Activated Carbon

Combining ion exchange fiber, it simultaneously assists the granular coconut shell activated carbon filter as it absorbs soluble lead. It enhances filtration power.

2. Antibacterial Granular Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Using incredibly high quality granular coconut shell activated carbon as a water absorbent, it physically absorbs odors organic chlorine compounds (such as trihalomethane, tetrachloroethylene), agricultural chemicals (CAT), and mold smells, allowing free residual chlorine to be powerfully removed by the reaction.

3. Hollow Fiber Membrane

Filters impurities up to 0.15 microns in size. In addition to iron rust, aluminum and turbidity, it also removes normal bacteria.



Type Type II
Filtration Flow Rate 2.0 L/minute
Filter Materials Non-woven fabric, special fibrous activated carbon (ion exchange fiber compound),
antibacterial granular coconut shell activated carbon, hollow fiber membrane
Filtration Power Free Residual Chlorine
(when 2.0 mg/L)
10,000 L
(80% removal rate)
(when turbidity is 2 degrees)
3,000 L
(50% filtration flow rate)
(when 0.100 mg/L)
5,000 L
(80% removal rate)
CAT (Simazine)
(when 0.0030 mg/L)
10,000 L
(90% removal rate)
Soluble lead
(when 0.050 mg/L)
3,000 L
(80% removal rate)
2-MIB (mold smell)
(when 0.00005 mg/L)
3,000 L
(80% removal rate)
(when 0.010 mg/L)
10,000 L
(90% removal rate)
(when 0.030 mg/L)
10,000 L
(90% removal rate)
(when 0.300 mg/L)
3,000 L
(80% removal rate)
(when 0.060 mg/L)
4,000 L
(80% removal rate)
(when 0.030 mg/L)
10,000 L
(80% removal rate)
(when 0.100 mg/L)
10,000 L
(80% removal rate)
(when 0.090 mg/L)
10,000 L
(80% removal rate)
Weight (when full) 2.6 kg (4.6 kg)
Filter Material Usable Life *1 3,000 L or within 12 months (when using 8 L a day)
Size (mm) 240 width × 120 depth × 366.5 height
Maximum Operating Temperature 35℃
Power AC 100 V (50/60 Hz)
A/C Adapter Specifications DC 24 V 1.9 A, Power cord length: 1,800 mm
  • * Filtration power is a test result calculated using JIS S 3201 -household water purifier testing methods.
  • * Hard water cannot be changed into soft water.
  • * Please use only for tap water which contains 0.1 mg/L or more of free residual chlorine.
  • * Product design and specifications are subject to change due to improvements or other reason without prior notice.

  1. *1 Short materials with filtration power have been compiled together as a standard.

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What MEISUI Cares About

They remove impurities and odors found in the water and leave in the minerals that makes water delicious, providing you with safe and great tasting water. When it comes to built-in water purifiers, you can see what MEISUI cares about when you take a look at their ease of use for work recognized by even professionals and their filtration power.

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