HPF-05 Type I Hot Water Purifier

Main Features of HPF

Provides hot water that's gentle on your skin with a double filter

Enhanced filtration achieved using a double filter which utilizes natural granular coconut shell activated carbon and fibrous activated carbon. Removes contaminants such as free residual chlorine and trihalomethane, giving you hot water that is gentle on your skin.

Impressive flow capacity in a compact design.

Can be installed outside thanks to its compact design which uses a specialized durable casing. Utilizing know-how taken from MEISUI's commercial water purifiers, it ensures generous flow capacity.

Safety and hygiene carefully considered.

It keeps the bacterial way through its filter which uses special silver impregnated activated carbon. It properly takes into account both skin safety and hygiene.

Provides plenty of hot water without the impurities for your skin

The two-step filtration system that uses granular coconut shell activated carbon and fibrous activated carbon removes contaminants such as free residual chlorine and trihalomethane.

Two Filter Layers

  • Tap Water

  • Granular Coconut ShellActivated Carbon

  • Special FibrousActivated Carbon

  • Water that is Good for the Skin

Granular Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Using incredibly high quality granular coconut shell activated carbon as a water absorbent, it physically absorbs odors organic chlorine compounds (such as trihalomethane, tetrachloroethylene), agricultural chemicals (CAT), and mold smells, allowing free residual chlorine to be powerfully removed by the reaction.

Special Fibrous Activated Carbon

Combining ion exchange fiber, it simultaneously assists the granular coconut shell activated carbon filter as it absorbs soluble lead. It enhances filtration power.


Structure & Sizes

Installation Example

Piping Example Diagram

Casing Dimension Chart


Type Type I
Filtration Flow Rate 15 L/minute operating pressure 0.1 MPa
(Reference value 0.15 MPa: 18 L/minute, 0.2 MPa: 21 L/minute)
Filter Materials Silver impregnated granular coconut shell activated carbon, fibrous activated carbon
Free Residual Chlorine Filtration Power 200,000 L (2.0 mg/L)
Operating Water Pressure 0.1 to 0.75 MPa (1.0 to 7.6 kgf/cm2)
Hydrostatic Test Pressure 1.75 MPa (17.8 kgf/cm2) per minute
Weight (when full) 12 kg (15 kg) *Including casing
Maximum Operating Temperature 35℃ (installed before hot-water heater)
Filter Material Usable Life 200,000 L or within 12 months (when using 540 L a day)
Piping Connector Size G3/4
Size (mm) (casing) 380 width × 225 depth × 455 height
  • * Filtration power is a test result calculated using JIS S 3201 -household water purifier testing methods.
  • * Hard water cannot be changed into soft water.
  • * Please use only for tap water which contains 0.1 mg/L or more of free residual chlorine.
  • * This product is not designed for cold climates.
  • * Please be sure to install a pressure regulator before the water purifier if water hammering occurs.
  • * Product design and specifications are subject to change due to improvements or other reason without prior notice.

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Type I Hot-Water Water Purifier
HPF-05 Product Catalog

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