About Water

Earth, the Planet of Water

Earth, the planet of water where 70 percent of its surface is covered in water. Since 40 billion years ago, the Earth has given life to a plethora of creatures and being part of the natural cycle, water has been responsible for the growth of all living things. Most of that water comes in the form of sea water and of that water, the total amount that we can use directly is only 100,000 cubic kilometers of approximately 13.5 billion cubic kilometers of all water, which less than a mere 0.01%.

Considering this fact, this delicious tasting water full of miracles which take your breath away yet quenches our thirst is truly a "Blessing from Earth."

Even on Earth, our home of Japan is a country which is fortunate to have quality water. However, did you know that it is actually a large importer of water? This water which Japan heavily imports and uses for growing its agriculture and raising its livestock is referred to as "virtual water." Japan, which is the largest importer of food can also be thought of as the largest importer of water, including this "virtual water." This invaluable and precious resource is the very reason that MEISUI cares so greatly for the environment.

Japan, the Country of Water

It goes without saying that in this land where mountains can be found incredibly close to the ocean, the reason that Japan is blessed with such good quality of water is thanks to the rain. Example of clouds which extend and stretch out like a belt from India. The cycle of water on a global scale pours over Japan in the form of large amounts of rain. What characterizes Japan is its ability to use large amounts of water from rivers, ponds and lakes, known as "surface water". The source of good quality water is the rain.

Try to recall the scenery of a farming town for a moment. You are sure to find water along the roads which travel from the villages that spread out at the foot of natural rural areas to the rice fields. And at the brooklet upstream, you are sure to find a village shrine protecting the source of that water. By protecting the forest, we protect water. The groves surrounding those shrines were also the forests which protected the water of those villages. You can come to know splendor of Japan's water once again by examining our intimate relationship with water.

The unfortunate reality however is that when compared with the water that is found underground, the surface water that comes from bodies of water such as rivers and lakes is easily contaminated. The role of water purifiers is to remove contaminants such as materials produced by human activity, organic chlorine compounds and pesticides that did not originally exist in water from the natural world, and return it to delicious Japanese water.

Food Culture of Japan

The development of Japan's unique food culture
has been supported by the gift of natural, high quality soft water.

Take for example, Japanese tea.
Soft water has the incredibly ability to extract the umami, sweetness and aromas from green tea, utilizing its flavors to their fullest potential. It has not only a deep relationship with tea but also with all Japanese cuisine such as soups and even rice.

Japan which has been blessed with generous amounts of rain which provide it its soft water is truly a "Country of Water".
MEISUI water purifiers leave the minerals found in the water intact and purify the water so that you can get that deliciousness enjoyed with every gulp of good quality water.

We want you to enjoy the delicious and mild taste of Japan, the place where we were born and raised.
That is MEISUI's wish.

Water and the Forests and Land

Water which supports the life of all things on Earth. Forests grow thanks to the water, and forests protect the water. The forests which make up 60% of Japan's land are truly the storehouses of water.

The woodlands which once spread their way widely into our lives have been quite badly ruined in recent years. MEISUI has started working on its "Revitalize the Woodlands" efforts in Shiga Prefecture which takes activated carbon that has been reused and places it in recycled flowerpots known as "Lively Pots", and uses activated carbon in afforestation efforts.

Purify water while leaving nature beautiful. While in pursuit of that quest, we had a realization regarding forests and land. Water grows the forests and lands, the forests and lands produce clean water.

It is thanks to our very efforts to provide delicious "natural water" that we have returned to the "MEISUI woodlands".