March 1973
MEISUI Co., Ltd. established in Osaka-shi, Nishi-ku
May 1975
Opens Tokyo Sales Office
August 1976
Completes new factory in Nishinomiya-shi, Yamaguchi-cho
September 1978
Manufacturing Division separates from MEISUI Co., Ltd. and is established as MEISUI Tech Co., Ltd.
November 1978
Opens Kyushu Sales Office
May 1985
Relocates Headquarters to Nishi-ku, begins business development in vending machine industry
October 1987
Relocates Tokyo Sales Office
March 1988
Opens West Kanto Sales Office
October 1988
Opens Tokai Sales Office
February 1990
Completes construction and relocation of MEISUI Tech Sanda Factory
Develops and commercializes the household built-in water purifier with the moto stop valve
February 1993
Completes construction of the Hanshin Building in Nishinomiya, Yamaguchi-cho
March 1993
Opens Hanshin Sales Office
March 1994
Opens Tohoku Sales Office
September 1994
Relocates headquarters within Nishi-ku
March 1995
Opens Kyoto Sales Office
December 1995
Develops and commercializes the Auto Dozer
August 1996
Opens North Kanto Sales Office
September 1996
Relocates West Kanto Sales Office
October 1996
Completes construction and begins operation of MEISUI Tech Co., Ltd. Factory 2 in Sanda City
March 1997
MEISUI Co., Ltd. and MEISUI Tech Co., Ltd. merge and resumes as MEISUI Co., Ltd.
April 1997
Opens Hiroshima Sales Office
April 1997
Relocates Tokyo Sales Office
April 1997
Opens computer center, customer center on 2nd floor of Hanshin Building
April 1997
Opens logistics center in Factory 2
January 1998
Conforms and registers to ISO 14001
March 1999
Completes construction and opens Water Garden in Nishinomiya, Yamaguchi-cho
May 2001
Conforms and registers to ISO 9002
October 2001
Completes construction and relocates headquarters in Nishi-ku
November 2002
Relocates Kyoto Sales Office
May 2003
Conforms and registers to ISO 9001
October 2003
Completes construction of Kanto office. Relocates North and East Kanto sales offices
October 2004
Completes construction of Tokyo office. Relocates Tokyo and West Kanto sales offices
November 2004
Relocates Tokai Sales Office
August 2006
Relocates Tohoku Sales Office
December 2006
Relocates Hiroshima Sales Office
March 2007
Completes construction and opens Sanda factory
March 2010
Completes construction of West Kanto office. Relocates West Kanto Sales Office
April 2010
Newly establishes and completes construction of the China MEISUI factory in Laizhou, Shandong
July 2010
Opens China MEISUI Shanghai Sales Office (with Japanese staff)
March 2013
Completes construction of Tokai office. Relocates Tokai Sales Office.
March 2014
Completes construction of Kyushu office. Relocates Kyushu Sales Office.
April 2014
Changes company name from MEISUI Co., Ltd. to MEISUI Holdings Co., Ltd..
Sales and Maintenance divisions assume MEISUI Co., Ltd. name (Tokyo-to Shinagawa-ku)
December 2015
Completes construction of Recycling Building within premises of Factory 2.
May 2016
Establishes Taiwan MEISUI
October 2017
Completes construction of North Kanto office. Relocates North Kanto Sales Office.
May 2018
Completes construction of Kyoto office. Relocates Kyoto Sales Office.
December 2018
Opens Okinawa Sales Office.
August 2020
Completes construction of Tohoku office. Relocates Tohoku Sales Office.
April 2021
Relocates Hiroshima Sales Office


Business Efforts
- For all life on Earth -

Acquires ISO 14001 in 1998, ISO 9002 in 2001, ISO 9001 in 2003

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 14000 series is an international qualification issued in October of 1996 for carrying out of economical activity by all businesses and organizations focused on environmental conservation for the purpose of dealing with worsening environmental problems.

If all businesses and organizations in the world as well as their employees all worked while adhering to this qualification, the environment would most likely improve as well.

After its establishment, MEISUI tried made attempts to reduce burdens on the environment with such efforts like following the 3 R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) but it officially received its ISO 14001 qualification in 1998. MEISUI is currently trying to strengthen its efforts more and more for the environment.

Continuing its efforts, MEISUI also received its ISO 9001 certification. This is an international standard which indicates that quality control is being properly carried out for the product to the full product creation process from the product itself to total product creation such as the manufacturing process and water purifier replacement systems.

Starting early on, we have thoroughly controlled the quality of our products which have been made to purify water important for your body, and our management standards have since then been recognized as conforming to global standards. MEISUI will continue striving to make our consistent product quality even higher than it is currently.