aqua splash Type II Built-in Automatic Water Purifier

aqua spash’s Exclusive Worry-Free Features

Constantly fresh water with its unique automatic flushing functionality.

Automatically flushes and replaces water that has been sitting inside the filter cartridge when not used for a period of time. By cycling in water constantly, you can enjoy water that is both clean and fresh.

It's designed for long life, making it easy on both the environment and your wallet.

An indicator tells you when it's time to replace the cartridge. The aluminum cartridge case is recycled. Its efficient design makes it both gentle on the environment as well as economical.

You can choose between the AC-powered model (AC) and the battery-powered model (DC).

Being able to decide the power source makes it easy to find where to install. That is why we have developed both the AC-powered model and the battery-powered model.

Installed with an indicator letting you know when it is time to replace the water purifier cartridge.

The indicator turns red, letting you know that it's time to replace your water purifier cartridge.

Thoroughly removes impurities with its three filtration layers.

Using granular coconut shell activated carbon, special fibrous activated carbon and a hollow fiber membrane, this three-step filter removes odors and impurities while leaving minerals in.

Three Filter Layers

  • Tap Water

  • Granular Coconut ShellActivated Carbon

  • Special FibrousActivated Carbon

  • Hollow Fiber Membrane

  • Delicious Water

Granular Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

Using incredibly high quality granular coconut shell activated carbon as a water absorbent, it physically absorbs odors organic chlorine compounds (such as trihalomethane, tetrachloroethylene), agricultural chemicals (CAT), and mold smells, allowing free residual chlorine to be powerfully removed by the reaction.

Special Fibrous Activated Carbon

Combining ion exchange fiber, it simultaneously assists the granular coconut shell activated carbon filter as it absorbs soluble lead. It enhances filtration power.

Hollow Fiber Membrane

Filters impurities up to 0.15 microns in size. In addition to iron rust, aluminum and turbidity, it also removes normal bacteria.

Price & Specifications

Water Purifier + Dedicated Water Faucet Price

  AC-powered model (AC) Battery-powered model (DC)
aqua splash 93,500 yen (tax included) 93,500 yen (tax included)

You will need to replace the batteries for the DC model. Sold separately: 1 CR-P2 replacement battery 1,100 yen (tax included)
(Batteries can be purchased directly from MEISUI or at a household appliance store.)


Type Type II
Filtration Flow Rate 5.0 L/minute
Filter Materials Non-woven fabric, granular coconut shell activated carbon,
special fibrous activated carbon (ion exchange fiber compound), hollow fiber membrane
Filtration Power Free Residual Chlorine
(when 2.0 mg/L)
100,000 L
(80% removal rate)
(when turbidity is 2 degrees)
20,000 L
(50% filtration flow rate)
(when 0.100 mg/L)
19,000 L
(80% removal rate)
CAT (Simazine)
(when 0.0030 mg/L)
50,000 L
(90% removal rate)
Soluble lead
(when 0.050 mg/L)
15,000 L
(80% removal rate)
2-MIB (mold smell)
(when 0.00005 mg/L)
20,000 L
(80% removal rate)
(when 0.010 mg/L)
50,000 L
(90% removal rate)
(when 0.030 mg/L)
50,000 L
(90% removal rate)
(when 0.300 mg/L)
15,000 L
(80% removal rate)
(when 0.060 mg/L)
15,000 L
(80% removal rate)
(when 0.030 mg/L)
25,000 L
(80% removal rate)
(when 0.100 mg/L)
25,000 L
(80% removal rate)
(when 0.090 mg/L)
25,000 L
(80% removal rate)
Operating Water Pressure 0.1 to 0.75 MPa (1.0 to 7.6 kgf/cm2)
Hydrostatic Test Pressure Operating Water Pressure: 0.75 MPa (7.6 kgf/cm2) per minute
Weight (when full) 1.1 kg (2.3 kg)
Filter Material Usable Life *1 15,000 L or within 12 months (When using 40 L a day)
Size (mm) 100 diameter × 293 height
  • * Filtration power is a test result calculated using JIS S 3201 -household water purifier testing methods.
  • * Hard water cannot be changed into soft water.
  • * Please use only for tap water which contains 0.1 mg/L or more of free residual chlorine.
  • * Product design and specifications are subject to change due to improvements or other reason without prior notice.

  1. *1 Short materials with filtration power have been compiled together as a standard.

Controller Component Specifications

  AC model DC model
Operating Power AC 100 V (50/60Hz) Lithium Dry Cell 6 V (CR-P2)
External Dimensions (mm) 117 width × 198 depth × 126 height
Rated Electrical Consumption 8 W
Auto-flush Time Approx. 3 secs/hour (flushes for approximately 3 seconds when not used for 3 hours)
Water Purifier Cartridge Replacement Notified by indicator after 12 months
Battery Replacement Notified by indicator when voltage has dropped
Weight 1.0 kg 1.0 kg
Backup Power 48 hours 1 hour
  • * Flushes approximately 200 ml per flush.
  • * The AC model needs AC 100 V and the DC model needs a dry cell battery (DC 6 V) for opening and closing the electromagnetic valve.
  • * Will not operate when there is a power outage or there is no battery inserted.
  • * Please only use the special lithium battery (CR-P2).
  • * Please purchase the special lithium battery (CR-P2) from a shop which carries consumer electronics or directly from MEISUI.
  • * Estimated battery replacement: 12 months (when used for 10 minutes each day)
    (*Battery life may largely vary due to surrounding temperatures, operation time or other factors related to operating conditions.)

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Type II Household Built-in Automatic Water Purifier
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